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Topic: svmanager not appearing


I had originally uploaded my svmanager onto my server, everything looked great, worked great.
Due to fire-ftp complications on the server and multitude of other bugs on the server... I've had to upload the svmanager again. But, for some reason this time svmanager won't work.

This is the link that should work:**DELETED**

I have the entire svmanager folder uploaded, never touched anything in the folders.

I could really use some help, please

Thank you.

Re: svmanager not appearing

It's not just the svManager link, your gallery links don't work either. It seems that either the svmanager folder is not there or the browser does not have permission to read it.

I can only suggest that you go into ftp and check everything to do with the svmanager folder:
- is it located as a direct subdirectory of the web root?
- do the contents of the folder look more or less ok?
- are the permissions set so it's at least readable (writeable would be good too)?
- are the permissions on the files inside it set to readable?
- is the spelling ok?
- have any funny characters like spaces crept into the directory name?
- do you have an .htaccess file inside the svmanager directory that's doing something funny?

It's kind of stating the obvious but if the files are there and the browser has permission to read them then you should be able to type-in the url and browse to them.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: svmanager not appearing

Hi there,

I had the host check out everything on their end. So, I deleted the svmanager folder.
Tried uploading the folder again, only a 404 missing page would appear.

Deleted the folder again, then uploaded the svmtest folder see if that would work. nothing. 404 not found.

I've got it in the same folder that holds my index.html etc etc etc files, they work.

I tried changing the file permissions. nothing.

I.am.stuck. and completely confused since the first time I had this setup everything was great.

Re: svmanager not appearing

Curiouser and curiouser.

Probably worth checking if any php file will run. Create a new directory off the root – say /test. Create and upload a test php file – let's call it hello.php. Create the file in a plain text editor – don't use Word or anything that puts funny characters in there. Contents can be very simple – something like this:

<?php print "hello world" ?>

Browse to www.yourserver.com/test/hello.php and see what happens. If you're not seeing hello world then your server has serious problems with php and you'd need to take that up with your server people.

If it does work then we'll need to think again. I'm not the world's greatest server expert but if you want to trust me with your ftp log-in details then I could take a look. Don't post the ftp details here – email me via the forum.


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: svmanager not appearing

I tried the test/hello.php, and it wouldn't work. I'm going to have to get a hold of the server people side, and get them to check it out.

Once, they fix the problem. I'll try the svmanager again. I may be back ;)

Thank you for you help.

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Re: svmanager not appearing

Thank you for helping!