Topic: Mobile images scrolling uncontrollably


  Small issue, probably something I did wrong, but at any of my galleries, if I try to load them on the iPhone or iPad, they take a moment to come up and then start scrolling down the page uncontrollably.  I tried changing one of them to thumbnails on, and still the same thing.

  Regular gallery:

  With thumbs: … women.html

  On any regular computer, they're fine, but on the mobile devices, not.

  At your leisure, any help would be appreciated (and thanks again for crafting such a great program!  I love Simpleviewer Pro!)


Re: Mobile images scrolling uncontrollably

First of all, I notice that there is no closing </div> tag for the <div align="center"> on line 77.

If this does not help, check the CSS heights of all the gallery's parent containers.

Also, I notice your gallery uses SimpleViewer v2.2.0.
I would recommend upgrading to the latest version of SimpleViewer-Pro (v2.3.0) to eliminate any bugs that may have existed in v2.2.0 and have since been fixed.
You can download the latest version using the link in your purchase email. Please see this page for details: … grade.html
You can then upgrade your gallery by replacing the 'svcore' folder in your gallery with the 'svcore' folder from the SimpleViewer-Pro download package ('simpleviewer_pro_230/web/svcore/').

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Mobile images scrolling uncontrollably

I did the upgrade and everything works great now.  THANK YOU Steven!