Topic: Show Image Name

Hello, how do I show the image name on my gallery?  Field just below Caption.  I have captions as well that I need to show. So I'm wondering if I can show the title above each photo or perhaps as an overlay.  svBuilder Pro 2.2

Re: Show Image Name

The caption is the only image-specific text field available in SimpleViewer-Pro so it is not possible to display a caption somewhere in your gallery and other image-specific text elsewhere.
However, you can have a multi-line caption (in which you could add your title and comment) by adding HTML line breaks (<br>) to your caption.
Please see this FAQ for details: How do I add HTML formatting to my captions?
When entering the caption into svBuilder-Pro, you could type something like:

<font size="20">Title</font><br><font size="12">Caption</font>
Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team