Topic: Simpleviewer version 1.8, or is it?

It seems to me that the latest version of SimpleViewer is version 1.8, however, I currently have 3 different date stamps for 3 different downloads of the 'viewer.swf'. I have 07/31/2006, 09/09/2006, and 10/14/2006.  :?

I am sure the changes to this file are rather minor, but would it be possible to publish the updates as v.1.8.1, v.1.8.2, v.1.8.3, etc. with a revision to the update/version list? This would make it so much simpler to view [pun intended] if a given update would fix something that would be of interest.  8)

Thanks for a GREAT product!

Re: Simpleviewer version 1.8, or is it?

I would use the latest one.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.