Topic: Embed SimpleViewer into Google Sites

According to this post by member DEEN: … p?id=12581
it is possible to embed a simpleviewer gallery into Google sites as proof of the website they linked:
This apparently was done with the free version as it is noted that the PRO version would be purchased if necessary to fix the issues DEEN was posting about

but nonetheless, they got it to embed via an iFrame... which I cannot figure out how to do!  Please help!

I love how easy it is to make a simpleviewer gallery that is linked to my Flickr account and how professional it looks (even if free version plugs itself in lower right hand corner)

I would really love it if someone could break down the steps necessary to embed my simpleviewer gallery once I create it.

also, is this an sv gallery?

if so... yet again, someone has figured this out.  HELP ME!!!

Re: Embed SimpleViewer into Google Sites

As Google Sites does not allow the upload of JavaScript files, a suitable host for your SimpleViewer gallery must be found.
If you do not have an account with a regular web host, then a suitable host for a SimpleViewer gallery would be Dropbox.

To upload your gallery folder to Dropbox:
(1) Download and install the Dropbox client program (from the link above)
(2) Run the install program and sign up for a free Dropbox account
(3) Create your SimpleViewer gallery with the method of your choice
(4) Drag and drop the entire gallery folder into the 'Public' folder within the newly created Dropbox folder on your computer
(5) Navigate towards your gallery's 'index.html' file (within 'username/Dropbox/Public/gallery_folder/'), right-click it and select 'Dropbox -> Copy public link'

To embed your gallery in a Google Sites web page, go to 'Edit Page -> Insert -> More Gadgets -> Featured -> Include Gadget (Iframe)'.
Edit the 'Properties' of the gadget and type/paste the URL you copied in Step #5 above.

also, is this an sv gallery?


Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team