Topic: Can't save changes

I created a project in Lightroom 4.1 using TTG SimpleViewer I then opened it in svBuilder-Pro 2.3 and changed it using the Forest Preset. Everything looks fine in svBuilder and I click on Publish and Save, but it doesn't save. The gallery.xml file hasn't changed. When I reopen the project, it hasn't changed.

Re: Can't save changes

I have just created a test gallery in Lightroom 4 with TTG SimpleViewer
I then opened the gallery in svBuilder-Pro v2.3.0, opened the 'Customize' tab, selected the 'forest' preset, opened the 'Publish' tab and clicked 'Save'.
The gallery saved OK and the 'forest' layout was visible when opening the gallery in a browser so it should also work for you.
Make sure that your gallery folder is not write-protected and tagged as read-only. This would prevent svBuilder-Pro from writing to the folder and updating the XMl file.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team