Topic: Feature Request: Tighter Flickr Integration in WP-SimpleViewer

I have set up several websites that use the wp-simpleviewer plugin that draws from a flickr feed to display specific flickr sets on specific pages. Unfortunately, the amount of steps required (There are 24) make it too difficult for the average user, so I have to do it for them. Have you considered ways of making it easier to "link" wp-simpleviewer to various accounts (Flickr, Instagram, Picassa, etc...) to make it easier to select images, sets, tags, etc, from within the "Add Simpleviewer Gallery" pane?

I would definitely be willing to pay for this as an add-on.


Re: Feature Request: Tighter Flickr Integration in WP-SimpleViewer

Once you select Flickr as the 'Image Source', you can enter a Flickr Username and Flickr Tags (a comma separated list of keywords to display only those images in the nominated Flickr account which have been tagged accordingly).

The WP-SimpleViewer interface supports only SimpleViewer-Standard options. However, if you were to upgrade WP-SimpleViewer to SimpleViewer Pro (by following the instructions here) you would have access to the SimpleViewer-Pro Flickr Configuration Options (such as flickrSetId to specify a Flick set) which can be entered into the Pro Options text area.
It is unlikely that the interface will introduce Pro Options individually (other than via the text area).

SimpleViewer itself supports using only local images files (listed in the gallery's XML file) and Flickr as the source of images so WP-SimpleViewer does likewise, with a choice of either images attached to the post (in the WordPress Media Library) or a Flickr account.
It would certainly be possible to include support in WP-SimpleViewer for image sources other than local image files and Flickr but as SimpleViewer does not natively support them, it would require a significant amount of modification of the WP-SimpleViewer code.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team