Topic: Please help! 404 error after upload

sorry if i'm not perfectly right here, but i'm getting quite frustrated.
i can't seem to figure out where the problem is. even after reading all the relevant posts here.
i tried/dbl. checked almost everything...

i build a gallery with svbuilder, the gallery works perfect on my computer but as soon as i upload the hole sv folder (via cyberduck), the 404 error appears. the link seems to be wrong...but why?? and what do i need to change??? the permission seems to be right, the files don't look damaged...tried to upload several times...

This is the link … index.html

i created the media folder on the server & uploaded the complete simpleviever folder into the media everything should be in the folder.

i want to embed the link into my iwebsite via the html snippet.

PLEASE if anybody could help me, i would be really grateful!
THX, charly

Re: Please help! 404 error after upload

When opening the link you posted, browsers are redirected to … index.html (note the uppercase 'M' in Media).
I do not know why this happens (please check with your web host who should be able to help with with this) but if your web server is case-sensitive and the folder name on your web server is 'media' (lowercase 'M'), this would be enough to cause the problem. I would try using a different folder name (other than 'media') to see if this helps or if the same thing happens again.

Also, I do not know if it is intentional or a typing error but the other folder name in your link is 'simpleviever1' (rather than 'simpleviewer1').

The other thing to make sure of is that the folder you upload all your files to on your web server is in 'public_html' (which signifies the section of your web server which is publicly accessible via the internet).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Please help! 404 error after upload

hi steven,

thx for your answer. i tried it all, but still it dosen't work.

i'm with 1&1 and i never had any dramas with upper or lowercase before, for all of my 3 websites.
but anyways i changed the folder to uppercase - nothing, than back to lowercase...same, everything is in the public_html folder now (actually i thought with 1&1 i don't need a public folder...i don't even have one, so i created a public_html folder on the server myself...not sure if that's the right way to do it?)

all my permissions are 644 or 755

here the new link

is there anything else i might be able to try?
really appreciate your help.
THX, charly

Re: Please help! 404 error after upload

You shouldn't need to create a 'public_html' folder on your web server. There will already be a folder where you can upload files for the internet. However, what this folder is called (other hosts may use names such as 'htdocs') and whether or not you land directly in that folder (or need to navigate towards it) when you log in via FTP are both dependent on your web host.
Please contact your host to find out where you should be uploading your files in order for them to be visible to the public on the internet.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team