Re: WP Simpleviewer

I have found an XML file at this location:
... but it looks to be from an older SimpleViewer gallery (v1.9).

If you were to create a gallery with the current version of svBuilder and follow the embedding instructions here, your gallery should display and function fine.

I  created a gallery using Picasa, opened it in SVBuilder Pro to customise it and I then ran through all the options. When I was happy with it, I saved it.

The XML file at was created by neither the current SimpleViewer Picasa Template nor the current version of svBuilder-Pro. Make sure that you are using the latest version of whichever method you choose to create a gallery.

If you have a SimpleViewer v1.9 gallery you are trying to embed in your web page, instructions for 'Embedding SimpleViewer 1.9 in a HTML Page' can be found here.
Otherwise, you can convert a SimpleViewer v1.9 gallery to a SimpleViewer v2.x gallery by opening the gallery in svBuilder v2.3.1 (or svBuilder-Pro v2.3.1 ) and re-saving the gallery on the 'Publish' tab.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team