Topic: no images displayed, 'loading xml data'

Hi There,

I was trying to build a gallery with simpleviewer, it worked perfectly fine on my one homepage:

I tried exactly the same thing on basically the same homepage, but different server and it doesnt want to work:

I thought I might have messed something up, but even when I upload the simpleviewer original folder without changes, it doesnt work.

Any ideas? I have been wrecking my brain here, hot link protection is supposedly not enabled.

Thank You, Johannes.[/url]

Re: no images displayed, 'loading xml data'

works fine now..? :)

Re: no images displayed, 'loading xml data'

works fine now..? :)

No, it still doesnt work, at least not with my browser or any of my friends. The first URL was an example for the working Gallery, to proove I am not completely incapable. The other two URLs ( were the problem.

Thanks for looking,

Re: no images displayed, 'loading xml data'

happens to me friends all da time when they try to view me site.

I cant access one outta 4 albums on me site Its the "HAPPY story" one.

This album opens in da latest Opera on me system, but not on IE. My friends tried wid their IE browsers, its not openin.

Can u help me?