Topic: customizing the picassa export file

Can you customize the gallery.xml file when exporting from picassa?
I want my thumbs to run as on line across the bottom of the page instead of 3 columns on the left.  Can anyone help with this?  Or do I have to do this manually after exporting from picassa?

Re: customizing the picassa export file

Yes, you can modify the gallery.xml that is generated by the template. Edit the 'header.xml' file in the template folder to your requirements. These options will be used for any new galleries you create.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: customizing the picassa export file

After hours of battling against the odds, I've embedded the gallery in my HTML page. One more thing to do then the site is finished.

My gallery has the three rows down the left hand side. What do I change in the 'header.xml' file to put the thumbs down in a single line below the chosen picture. What do I edit?

I have this.

<?xml version="1.0" encoding="UTF-8"?>
<simpleviewerGallery maxImageHeight="1024" maxImageWidth="1024" textColor="0xFFFFFF" frameColor="0xffffff" frameWidth="20" stagePadding="40" thumbnailColumns="3" thumbnailRows="3" navPosition="left" title="<%exportDescription%>" enableRightClickOpen="true" backgroundImagePath="" thumbPath="thumbnails/" imagePath="" >

Is it just nav position 'bottom', rows '1' etc?

Cheers Felix.