Topic: Basic question on ActionScript

Afternoon all, this is a really silly question but I can't seem to make changes to the effect the page I'm working with.

From the SV Pro folder I've gone into examples/HTML Embed/box example and put together the page as desired - as the source files are a few folders down from my main files, where should I put them in relation to each other, so when options are changed in ActionScript they make changes to my actual gallery?

Clearly haven't got my coffee hat on this morning.

Re: Basic question on ActionScript

  • Unzip the SimpleViewer-Pro v1.9 download package and keep the structure of the files intact.

  • Open the 'simpleviewer_pro/source/simpleviewer.fla' file in Adobe Flash Professional.

  • Edit the 'simpleviewer_pro/source/com/airtightinteractive/apps/viewers/simpleViewer/' file as required in a plain text editor and save the file.

  • In Adobe Flash Professional, go to 'File -> Publish' and your new SWF file will be located at 'simpleviewer_pro/web/viewer.swf'.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team