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Hello together,
i work now for over  3 years with this amazing tools. Now after an java update i cant upload new images anymore.
It works with firefox, but with my safari 7.0 on mac osx it doesn't work. The Uploader loads i click on add and then
the uplaoder didn't show any subfolder only the root folders. Here you can see it in the picture. The frist is in safari
the second in firefox. It would be great when it works on safari too. I update the svmanger to 1.8.5. The problem exist.

Please help me.

Kind regards


Re: svmanager - safari - java

It seems that Apple is becoming more and more unfriendly to Java. We are looking for a solution to this.

In the meantime please try this workaround for Safari.

Open up the svManager 'Add Images' screen in Safari

Click Menu > Safari > Preferences

Choose the Security tab

Click 'Manage Website Settings'

Select 'Java' in the left hand sidebar

Select the url for your web site

Set to 'Run in unsafe mode'


'Unsafe Mode' means that the applet is allowed to access files on your computer. Obviously this is necessary for an uploader. Only use this setting for a site that you trust – in this case your own!


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: svmanager - safari - java

Hello Jack,
thank you for your reply.
This work for me. Perfect.
Have a nice day and good luck with

Best regards