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Topic: New photos don't show up in browser after 1st set of picture upload

I created a new gallery and uploaded pics.  After the first set of pics uploaded, I can upload more and it shows up in the Images section but when I try to view them in a browser, only the first set of pics I uploaded shows up and not the new ones.  When I go to sort, I get these error messages:

    Warning: could not save gallery data to data/gallerydata.txt (galleryset.php, line 293)
    Notice: could not save gallery preferences to data/galleriesprefs.txt
    Notice: unable to save preferences to g54/preferences.txt
    Notice: unable to write xml to file g54/gallery.xml
    Notice: unable to save gallery data to g54/gallery.xml file

I also tried setting permission to 777 for the svmanager folder and every file/directory inside but that didn't change anything except make it show Internal server 500 error.  Right now the permissions are set to 755.   I've never had this issue before.  What am I doing wrong?  Thanks!

Edit:  I finally got the pics to show up in the browser but I have to clear cache/cookies everytime I upload new pics to the gallery? A simple refresh does not work.  Is there another way?

Re: New photos don't show up in browser after 1st set of picture upload

You do need to clear the browser cache after any changes. Wikipedia has a page of methods and keyboard shortcuts for clearing the cache in various browsers - http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Wikipedia: … your_cache

I get around the problem by having two different browsers each with a different setup. I have one browser (Safari) set up for general web browsing. For my development work I use Firefox and I turn-off the cache permanently.

Are you still getting the error messages from the sort page or is this fixed now?


Jack Hardie
SimpleViewer Support Team.