Topic: [SOLVED] simpleviewer problems after WP update: directory not found

I use simple viewer Version and I've just updated WP to version 3.8
After updating Simpleviewer could not reach the galleries directories. I tried to fix the problem with more re-install (not from wp admin but via ftp) but with no success.
Strange aspect is:
1) a few galleries are still visible! I cannot immagine that 50 directories are broken and only a few 2/3 still alive...
2) if I delete the gallery and create a new one, on the same post, I have the same result even with the new gallery: it does not show anything
I can't understand how to fix it.
I give the link of one gallery not visible:
and this is the few still visible:

thank-you for helping

Re: [SOLVED] simpleviewer problems after WP update: directory not found

WP-SimpleViewer v2.3.2.1 is compatible with WordPress 3.8 so there should be no compatibility issues.
Also, upgrading should not affect any galleries at all (let alone some but not others).

When I view your page at:
... the message "SimpleViewer Gallery Id 195 has been deleted." is displayed.

The problem is that the shortcode in your post is trying to display Gallery ID 195 but the file 'wp-content/uploads/195.xml' does not exist.

Upgrading neither WP-SimpleViewer nor WordPress would not delete individual files in your 'wp-content/uploads/' directory but the file no longer exists. It looks like you may have deleted the gallery either within the 'Manage Galleries' page or manually via FTP.

If you have a backup of your WordPress directory, you could try reinstating the '195.xm'l file in the 'wp-content/uploads/' directory.
Otherwise, you could delete the shortcode from the post and create a new gallery (which should work fine).

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: [SOLVED] simpleviewer problems after WP update: directory not found

I think I've choose the only gallery I affectively deleted , Gallery Id 195, today, during a test.
So, I apologize. I fixed this error.
The problem is:
If you can verify: all the galleries, exept from and few others, are gone, for example:
post should link to [simpleviewer gallery_id="193"] , the file is in the correct upload folder:
but gallery can't be reach.
Belive me: I'm talking about 80/90 galleries no more visible despite the files xml are still there. you can check through the galleries:


Re: [SOLVED] simpleviewer problems after WP update: directory not found

In Gallery Id 193, your gallery's height is defined as an empty string (so the gallery has no height and is not visible).
The gallery itself seems to be OK. It is just not visible on your web page due to having no height.
Edit the gallery on the Manage Galleries page and check the Gallery Height. Try using a fixed pixel height of 600px (the default value for gallery heights in WP-SimpleViewer).

If this has happened to many galleries (and I cannot think of how or why this may have happened) you should be able to reinstate gallery heights for all your galleries by either editing each gallery affected (from the Manage Galleries page) or by doing the following:
(1) Download all your gallery XML files from your 'wp-content/uploads/' directory to your computer.
(2) Open all the files at once in a text editor which can handle multiple files such as Notepad++.
(3) Do a global search and replace across all files to change all empty heights to 600px.
Search for all instances of e_g_height="" and replace with e_g_height="600px"
(4) Save all the files and re-upload them to your 'wp-content/uploads/' directory.

Please make a backup of your 'wp-content/uploads/' directory before manually editing any files within it.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

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Re: [SOLVED] simpleviewer problems after WP update: directory not found

Ok Steven: I restored the gallery height value, in a one-minute action - fantastic.
I did not notice the lack of height value, and can't imagine why this. I'm really relieved we've fixed it
Thank-you for assistance.