Topic: scaling of main image

I'm finding that the main image on certain small screens becomes larger and can cover the other items on the screen, Is there a way to control the size of the main image to keep it the same?

Re: scaling of main image

You can set maximum limits for the dimensions at which images are displayed within a SimpleViewer-Pro gallery using the maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight configuration options. The images in your gallery will not be displayed above those values. You can set maxImageWidth and maxImageHeight in your gallery's XML file.

If you want to have your main images always displayed at the same size, then you could use a Fixed Layout. Fixed Layouts do not scale to fit the browser window.
For reference, the Fixed Layout configuration options can be found here.
The SimpleViewer-Pro v2.0 Layout Guide may also be of interest.

If this does not help, then please post the URL to your gallery so that I can take a look at the problem for myself and hopefully help further.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team