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Topic: SimpleView will not work in Firefox or IE


I built a website www.kimjohnsoninteriors.com about 10 years ago. I used SimpleView v1.8 and was very pleased with everything. I have not done much editing for probably 5 years.
I want to revamp the whole site by adding new pics etc.
However, when I go to any of the galleries the page is blank with the message
"SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash. Get Macromedia Flash. If you have Flash installed, "

I have the latest Flash - Shockwave Flash so I am thinking that the SV coding may be out of sync having not been used for so long. Obviously anyone who views the site will also be unable to view galleries.

The links to other pages all work from there and will all display. The only ones that don't show are gallery pages.

I have IE8 and Firefox 39.

Anyone any ideas why it is not working?

I customized my galleries with extra coding which showed pics in bigger options if needed, so deleting all pics and starting again would be quite a bit of work - if I can even remember how I did it.

Re: SimpleView will not work in Firefox or IE

Your web page uses FlashObject (which became SWFObjwect) to embed the gallery and loads the 'flashobject.js' JavaScript file from a location which no longer exists on a different domain.
Although FlashObject became SWFObject, your embedding code is the old style (prior to SWFObject v2.0) so the easiest way to get your gallery up and running again would probably be to host a copy of SWFObject v1.5 on your own server, load the 'swfobject.js' file into your web page and tweak the embedding code (changing "new FlashObject" to "new SWFObject") so that it is compatible with it.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team