Topic: Loading Images in 2.3.2

I think it is 2.3.2 I just downloaded, unzipped and uploaded the directories and files to my site on my host.

Seemed to me that all the images would be in the images folder so I uploaded the images I wanted to show to that folder.

And they went up alright.  They are there.

But they do not show.

How do I get the prog - the simple viewer -  to simply view the images in the images folder?



Re: Loading Images in 2.3.2

It is not possible to just upload the sample 'web' gallery (from the SimpleViewer zip package) and add images to the 'images' folder. SimpleViewer has no way of knowing that your images are there.
You need to build a gallery so that an XML file is generated listing all the images to be displayed in the gallery.
There are many ways to build a gallery (please see here for details) but perhaps the easiest way would be to use svBuilder (which is bundled inside the SimpleViewer zip package).
Instructions for installing and using svBuilder can be found here.

It is possible to just add images to the 'images' folder and have them automatically displayed in the gallery but you would need to use a server-side scripting language to dynamically build the gallery's XML file on-the fly at the time the gallery is viewed. Please see this forum post for details of how this can be achieved.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team

Re: Loading Images in 2.3.2

Thank you for that.

  I will hope to get the server-side thing going but firstly I'll try for this svbuilder thing.

  I did look at it quickly earlier but a small detail threw me off as such things often do, for me.

It was the question of how to use it when the thing is on my hosted site?

  The explanation is not clear ( to me ) about that.

'download and install Adobe AIR' - that sounds like do that here.  How's that going to help my onsite installation?

  But download and install Adobe AIR - is my hosting provider going to accept that alright, is that a no problem thing?

  What is the reality of how to proceed?

Re: Loading Images in 2.3.2

svBuilder is a desktop application which runs on your computer, not your web server.
You would build the gallery on your computer with svBuilder and then upload the resulting gallery folder to your web server (using an FTP program).

In order for svBuilder to run, you need to have Adobe AIR installed. Again, Adobe AIR is installed on your computer only, not your web server.

If you want to create and manage your SimpleViewer galleries online (through a web browser interface) then you could use Showkase:
Showkase is a PHP web application which is installed on your web server, not your computer.
Showkase can be used to build a complete portfolio web site but it can also be used to create and edit SimpleViewer galleries which may be embedded elsewhere on your website.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team