Topic: Gallery no longer displays on Android?


I have been using svbuilder pro (2.1.1) for years now and only very recently did I experience a dysfunctioning duisplay of my gallery on my Android phone (whetjer using Firefox or Chrome).

The gallery displays correctly on my PC's Firefox though.

Also, old galleries that have not been updated display correctly on Android. Only the one that has been most recently updated won't display (I sometimes get an 'cannot find XML gallery' message even though the XLM file is where it has always been!).

I thought that the last AbodeAir update would fiw things but I hasn't been the case.
Have tried various embeded codes, to not avail.

Would very much appreciate if someone would help me fix this glitch.

Best wishes,


Re: Gallery no longer displays on Android?

Please try upgrading your galleries to the latest version of SimpleViewer-Pro (v2.3.2) as many bugs have been fixed since v2.1.1 (including several directly related to the Mobile Player).
Please see the SimpleViewer Version History for details.
Instructions for downloading the latest version and for upgrading existing galleries can be found on the Upgrading SimpleViewer-Pro support page.

If this does not help and you continue to experience difficulties, then please post the URL to one of the galleries that you are having trouble with so that I can take a look at the problem for myself and hopefully help further. Thank you.

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team