Topic: No Flash gallery when using Safari on desktop - only mobile view

Hello. For some reason, when viewing my galleries in Safari on my desktop, they are appearing without the Flash interface - it looks the same as if I were looking at it on a mobile device.

If you view using Safari, you'll notice that it shows the list of thumbnails and I have to actively choose a photo for it to be displayed. This is not how I have it programmed - you can see using Chrome or Firefox that I've programmed it to display Photo 1 in the set with a thumbnails beneath it. This is true on all of the websites I have designed - the UI is different in Safari than on Firefox or Chrome.

Any suggestions about how to fix this for Safari users? Many of us use Safari and I want visitors to be able to see the Flash version...

Re: No Flash gallery when using Safari on desktop - only mobile view

Your SimpleViewer gallery's embedding code is certainly set up to use the Flash Player if it is available is the browser.
(The useFlash Embed Code Parameter is set to 'true'.)

Please see this FAQ:
When I view my gallery I see a grid of thumbnails, not the layout I specified. Why?

Please double-check that Adobe Flash Player is installed and enabled in your Safari browser by visiting this web page:

This Adobe help page entitled 'Enable for Safari' might help: … afari.html

Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team