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Helo I have just joined this forum to ask the question that can i use auto viewer theme on woocommerce site . I also have downloaded some free plugins from here . So is this theme works on woocommerce?

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... can i use auto viewer theme on woocommerce site .

AutoViewer is not a theme (in the context of WordPress) and, although there is no plugin available to create AutoViewer galleries from within the WordPress Dashboard, you can embed an AutoViewer gallery in a WordPress page or post by following the 'Embedding AutoViewer in a HTML Page' instructions here.
Make sure that you enter the embedding code into your WordPress editor in 'Text' mode (rather than 'Visual' mode).

It should be possible to embed an AutoViewer gallery into any WordPress page or post, regardless of whether any Woocommerce plugins are being used or not.
The only things that you might need to be careful of are the location of the AutoViewer files on your web server and making sure that the paths (to the 'swfobject.js' and 'autoviewer.swf' files) in the embedding code are correct. (The gallery files can be located anywhere on your server as long as the paths in the code match up.)

The Standard version of AutoViewer is free (the Pro version has been retired) so you can try it out without any worry. You can download AutoViewer from its download page here.

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Steven Speirs
SimpleViewer Support Team