Topic: flash upgrade bug?

Hey Jeffery et all. 

I'm running:
Mac / Tiger / Safari, Camino / PS CS2 / Flash 9 / script POSTCARDVIEWER v1.1

Local testing of index.html redirects to update.html.  The pickle....does my 11/14/06 Flash update (to version 9, of course) render this script useless?

Thanks for your time and a great little script!

Re: flash upgrade bug?

Thanks for the assistance :?

Re: flash upgrade bug?

Well,  I'd like to thank the creators of airtight for spurning my question as two weeks of waiting for an answer 'forced' me to create something similar.  :P

Re: flash upgrade bug?

I upgraded to Flash 9 and PostcardViewer never worked after that. I always get a message to upgrade to the latest verison of flash.
Of course, what the message SHOULD say is that postcardviewer is not compatible with the latest version of flash.

Still works in IE6 though, which is odd. No go in any other browsers including Firefox 2.0.

Re: flash upgrade bug?

Try upgrading to PostcardViewer v1.1.1: … ardviewer/

Or update the flash detection script manually: … iewer.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.