Topic: The photos to display should be an xml

What about just making the pictures to show a xml-file. This would give much power for the viewer, as it could both show Flickr-images, 23hq, and pictures from own server. The xml-file should then contain both thumb-link and link to the original picture.

Make more of the settings available through the querystring, so you don't have to recompile the Flash (and have Flash installed).

I am thinking of using the viewer in a cms-system, but I have no use of the Pro-version, as I don't want to mess with Flash. Could one contribute in another way, and buy the right to use it? I will only use it however, if it is possible with the xml-file-approach which gives the viewer much more flexibility - I think.

Lars Olesen

Re: The photos to display should be an xml

This was posted in the wrong forum. Sorry. Moved the post to SimpleViewer.