Topic: switch + update from 1.7 to 1.8 NOT CLEAR to me

The info in the faq and the update page are not clear to me.
WHAT needs to be done exactly to have 1.8 run smoothly?
I have different sets of information coming from your faq and update.

I have made albums with 1.7 and I used picasa to create these albums.
Is there a NEW template that should be placed in that particular picasa folder?
Instruction 1 from august:
**Copy the downloaded viewer.swf into your existing gallery folder
In your gallery folder,
** rename your imageData.xml file to gallery.xml
Question 2:
So viewer.swf should be placed in each and every album.

Instruction 2 (from Faq) says:
1) Upload the FlashObject javascript file
Upload the swfobject.js file that comes in the latest SimpleViewer download to the same folder as your gallery.
2) Update the HTML page that contains the SimpleViewer gallery:
If you are using the default index.html that came with the SimpleViewer download, simply replace it with the one that comes in the latest download.
Question 3:
should the swfobject.js file be added to each and every album?

Question 4:
what do you mean default index.html that came with SimpleViewer?
Picasa generates a separate index for each album.
Then there are also pieces of script that are offered.
And I have NO idea what to do with these.

Can somebody come up with ONE list of all the steps that should be taken to update galleries (albums) that were made with 1.7?
I really haven't a clue now if Picasa needs a new template for 1.8.

Let me know please.