Topic: Using DIVS - cannot get rid of vertical scrollbar

Hi all,

I'm using three DIVS to display header, footer and main SimplerViewer app.

I want layout to be fixed, with scrollbars appearing when browser window is too small.

I'm almost there - but cannot get rid of the vertical scrollbar, no matter how big the window is! I'm on a Mac using both Camino and Safari.

Here is a test page:

The problem seems to go away when I remove the padding option in the 'html' CSS tag - but I want padding!

Also, when resizing window, there seems to be odd behaviour - when the horizontal scrollbar is not needed - only the actual bar vanishes, not the entire control. This happens in both Camino and Safari!

Any ideas? Im pulling my hair out!



Re: Using DIVS - cannot get rid of vertical scrollbar

Your gallery works fine on  PC/FF - maybe you solved your issue? If you are still seeing extra scrollbars, try reducing the height of the SWF to take into account your padding. The height of the div should be greater than the SWF height plus padding.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.