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Hi all,

When I use Picasa for exporting a folder into a webpage, it at some point gives the warning "export cancelled".  This is due to a picture in my album that doesn't have the regular picture size, it's a panorama picture (so it's wider and less high). When I leave this picture out, the album export goes well and the webpage is created. But I would really like to include this panorama picture as it's one of my favourites.. how to solve this problem?

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Re: Picasa 'export cancelled'

i'm getting this all of a sudden.

not sure why. I have used autovier on other gallleries no problems. Now, i am trying on a spedific group of pics and am getting an error.

how to fix?

Re: Picasa 'export cancelled'

Yeah I had the same problem for really wide images.  The solution I found was to leave out the wide ones from the automatic export, and then manually add them into the xml, and put the image file into the folder.

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Re: Picasa 'export cancelled'

I think Picasa may crash when resizing very large images.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.