Topic: Viewer not displaying images on Firefox

Im new to simpleviewer. Trying to setup a website for my g/f. I have setup a gallery that works fine on IE but when you view in firefox the galley is displayed but not images are displayed... There link to the gallery is do you have any ideas what I might be doing wrong? If I view the page strait from windows with firefox it loads the images fine.. But if i upload it and run it with firefox from my web space it does not load the images..


Re: Viewer not displaying images on Firefox

Update **

I added a link in the content so that the images can be opened in full in a separate browser window. If you open the image in a separate window with firefox then go to the picture in the gallery the image is displayed.. Although the thumb nail is not show. i guess because i haven’t physically opened the thumbnail image live i have done for the main image.
Is there a script that can be entered that maybe preloads all images need ie thumbnails and pictures so that they show up in the gallery? Would this work??