Topic: Password for Gallerys

it would be great to create password protected gallerys (if nessesary) to show pictures to invited people only.

BTW: Why did you delete my last post?

Re: Password for Gallerys

you may do it with php :
save this to index.php :
(password here is 'demo')

if &#40;$pass=="demo"&#41; &#123;

<!-- protected area -->
<html xmlns="http&#58;//" xml&#58;lang="en" lang="en">

your SimpleViewer code here ...


<!-- end of protected area-->

&#125; else &#123;


<form action='index.php' name="form" method=POST>

please enter password  &#58; 
<INPUT TYPE=password NAME=pass SIZE=15> 
<INPUT TYPE=Submit VALUE="submit">