Topic: SV Not Working after upgrade--HELP!

I have been getting the "SV requires Flash" notice for months on my Mac. I could view the website fine from a PC.

I decided to fix it so I uploaded the new SV version, renaming all the files that matched to "XXX-old", for example: "images-old" for the folder 'images".

Now I get this message when I click on any album: "Can't read file: images-old/imageData.xml"

What do I do? Here's my website gallery list. Click on any thumbnail to go to the SV gallery:

Help! My site is completely down now.

Re: SV Not Working after upgrade--HELP!

update: I just removed the "images-old" and "thumbs-old" folders. Now I get the old message again--Simple Viewer requires the Flash Player.


Re: SV Not Working after upgrade--HELP!

OK, I got one gallery to work by using RapidWeaver.

However, look at it. Why do I have a small white rule line?