Topic: caption

:? How do I get a caption on the pictures??

Ive looked through the FAQ??

I added a

<caption>caption here</caption>

but nothing??

any help apprecaited

Re: caption

permission thing here,

x`s everywhere now

cache shouldnt be a problem, i tried it,

xml refresh problem I think.

I doubt Ill get support, to quick to help paying members,,,,,

are you Bill Gates? :cry:

Re: caption


Are you talking about an alt description over the image? In that case refer to topic … php?t=2929 , flash doesn't support alt tags. If you're talking about having a caption embedded on the picture like a watermark you'll have to do image editing for that. For the regular captions in the xml file, as far as I know you can only have them outside the images displayed in SV. Not sure what else, reply if none of this helps, with more info. pertaining to what you're trying to do I might get some more ideas.

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