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I've had some people complain about the time it takes to load my simpleviewer pro gallery. I only have 15 images or less per gallery. Can you tell me what is the ideal kb image so that I should make each image in the gallery. The client wants the max size to be 640 pixels wide.

Any ideas on optimizing load times would be appreciated.

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What size (kb,mb) are your image files? The initial thumb image that came with the software is scaled down to 87X65 and 2.3kb. I would say that if you go into whatever photo editing software you had and made separate scaled images (it's such a pain, but oh well) for the thumbs at not larger than 207X156 (this should give you like a 16-20 kb jpg file). Also what size are the main images? I've scaled my images down to around 1044X783 (500-1,200 kb) and done fine with a high bandwidth connection, but with dial up it's very sluggish. Let me know if this helps any, reply back if there's anything else I could help you with.

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Thanks for your response. The larger files range from 150-300k. The thumbs are 4k. I think I should just open the larger images in Photoshop and try to squeeze them down.

On another note, I noticed that the thumbs in all of the galleries excep the black and white one, are sort of fuzzy and not clear. It seems that the the size for the thumbs that are fuzzy are 45x45 pixels and the sharper ones from the b&w gallery are 65x65.

I'm using the admin for simpleviewer and wonder if it does a bad job of creating the thumbs, as I starting using the buildgallery.php aplet and then switched to the admin.

Either way I have a feeling that I have to open the files up and resave them to see if I get better results.