Re: list of nice simpleviewer sites?

Here is mine,  it's a combination of simple and autoviewer. I appreciate any feedback.

First time i build a website

Re: list of nice simpleviewer sites?

Hello Felix... here's my test page showing integration between Postcardviewer and Simpleviewer.


replace the | sign by . (dots).

I'm still not done with that first page (PcV). You click on the picture - it'll get bigger, then you click on the name and you'll gain access to that gallery. Eventually, there will be multiple pictures on the first page leading to multiple galleries - thus creating a portal for all the galleries.

The main goal was to have a portal with the same feel/look as the galleries. Still some work to do, but looking good so far.

I'm using the photoshop script to build the galleries - so as you can see i did some mods in it as well ;-) to automate the process. The PHp solution could not helped because i need to reprocess the pictures with watermarks.

:?: I need to get the caption in PcV to show even if it's zoomed out and also to have them out of the picture (under it) :?:  :arrow:  :idea:  - then i will be a happy customer (or web master) :lol:

Re: list of nice simpleviewer sites?

Here's an example gallery I put together to show some of the SimpleViewer-Pro v1.9 features: … o/example/

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: list of nice simpleviewer sites?

Ok, the job is completed...

Postcardviewer acting as the portal for multiple simpleviewer galleries. Felix that is the kind of gallery portal i was talking about in the other topic, where thumbnail images lead to multiple galleries. … index.html

Re: list of nice simpleviewer sites?

I finally settled down to only Autoviewer for my recent travel trips. I thought it looked cleaner. Again your feedback is appreciated

Re: list of nice simpleviewer sites?

I just finished using Simpleviewer (free version) to display my art gallery: www_fractallography_com/gallery_html (replace '_'s with '.'s).  The default background color was too drab, so I cooked up a gradient JPG and used that as the background image.  SV(free) does not support MP3 playback, so I also added a free MP3 widget to my page.

I had to figure out how to balance thumbnail display size, image size, and caption display, but eventually, I got things reasonably lined up.

I'm pretty happy with the results.

-- Paul