Topic: Two pre-sales questions: Captions and Font customisation

Hi, I have two questions regarding Autoviewer:

1. Is it possible to set captions outside the image, for example under the image?

2. Is it possible to change the font used in Autoviewer? It would be pretty much a must if I´m going to start using the application.

Hope hearing from you soon. Thanks in advance!


Re: Two pre-sales questions: Captions and Font customisation

1. yes
2. yes

1. Open the and change

mcCaption._x = Options.captionPadding + mXMLManager.frameWidth;
mcCaption._y = Options.captionPadding + mXMLManager.frameWidth;


mcCaption._x = Options.captionPadding + mXMLManager.frameWidth;
mcCaption._y = Options.captionVerticalPadding + mJPGHeight

and add this line in the

static var captionVerticalPadding:Number = -25;

this '-25' offcourse can be changed, depending on font size etc.

2. This can be changed in de .fla. Just change the font of the textfield :D

Re: Two pre-sales questions: Captions and Font customisation

Well, this answers a question I posted some time ago - … hp?t=2890.

However, I have to say that working with and modifying this kind of "bare code" is very difficult for those of us who are photographers and graphic artists rather then experienced Flash coders. I think Felix and company could make AutoViewer, SimpleViewer, and Postcard Viewer even more enticing to the photo/graphic arts community if you could make these kinds of controls easier to work with or, at least, provide expanded, step-by-step documentation on how to do basic things like move, modify, or add additional  captions or text to a slideshow.   

I paid $45 for Autoviewer Pro and would gladly pay even more for an updated version with more "user-friendly" tools.