Topic: How to do multiple galleries

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You have a very nice website and I was wondering how you got autoview to work with the other graphics on you web page.  I can't seem to embed autoview in another web page.  Does this require the pro version?


Gary - The answer is yes and no. AV Pro does come with a sample gallery with a header and footer, but you can grab an example of a gallery with a header and footer for free here: … /gallery1/

and then replace the SimpleViewer swf with an AutoViewer swf.

All of the "graphics" on my website are plain html or xhtml and have nothing to do with the embedded flash AutoViewer gallery. I just started with the sample and used NVU to start adding and changing things around. Felix has done most of the work for you and you just have to be sure you don't screw up the code for the embedded flash. You will know you screwed it up because the AV slideshow won't display if you messed up the code. So then you go back and undo what you did and try something else.

For the rollover buttons on my site, I just hit control U in Firefox when I happened upon a site with really cool buttons. Then I just cut and pasted the source code into NVU. It didn't work at first and it took some time to get it right and in the position I wanted. Again, it's all just plain html or xhtml.

The gallerydata.xml file (also free in the demo version) lets you control the   color and size of the frame around the pictures, and the spacing between each picture, but that's about all you get for free.

The Pro version gives you the source code which allows you to compile your own viewer.swf file using Flash. This is how I got everything else in my galleries to look the way I wanted such as the orange buttons. I use the Picasa AV template to export the final folders for each gallery. Then I go in and update the gallerydata.xml file with my caption text. Here is a description of what you can do with the Pro version - … tions.html

Hope this helps.