Topic: I'm Struggling with Caption XML

Hello everyone, I have just purchased the pro version and relly enjoy using simpleviewer, untill now i have only really had use for the basic funtions. But I now wish to adjust the font and size of my captions, I understand that this has to be done in the gallery.xml file. Now i'm no coder and i have really struggled to follow the instructions on the FAQ page. this is what i'm putting in


    <caption><![CDATA[<font face="arial" size="20">MY TEXT IN HERE
</font><b>bold text</b>></caption>

this does not seem to work

can someone provide me with some example or provide e with some help please


Re: I'm Struggling with Caption XML

OK I have managed to sort this out, just took a little while to click.

Now is there any way to set up viewer to use a default size and font everytime, so i don't have to set it my self each time in the xml file. ?