Topic: COMPLETELY Lost ... really! Help!

I have a MACBOOK PRO...I downloaded the Photoshops Script...ran it...created a directory with images folder, upgrade.html, index.html, imagedata.xmp, flash_detect.js  GREAT...

I have FLASH PLAYER 9 hooked into the most current FireFox Browswer...

I downloaded PostcardViewer v1.1.1  ALTHOUGH I have no idea why.

How do I view what the Postcardviewer Photoshop script created?

I would happily read instructions, but I can't find any.

Thanks,  --bill

Re: COMPLETELY Lost ... really! Help!

Same here.....  got the script, then what?  I tried a flash module white no luck.....  if you find out how to do this can you let me know?  I'm working on it also.

Re: COMPLETELY Lost ... really! Help!

To view your gallery, open 'index.html' in a browser.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: COMPLETELY Lost ... really! Help!

Does opening the index.html in a FIREFOX browser work?  I'm having serious problems doing the equivalent using the Photoshop Web Galleries I've created.  Works fine in IE, but in Firefox (and Opera), I get an intermediate page with 2 messages; one says that I need to upgrade my Flash Player (which then fails to install), and the other says to "Click here if I'm using Flash Player 6." 

I'd simply like to know if I'm in for the same headaches if I purchase Postcardviewer-Pro.  Anyone run into this?