Topic: Dont load everything Trick!

Anyway that autoviewer (whether hacked or not) can load only the current highlighted image and image 1 and 2 to the left and image 1 and 2 to the right of that highlighted image?

I dont think it would be to hard to and it would allow you to have like 1000 images in a gallery since it would load in the ram at most like 5-6 images. Since some of them being loaded are off the screen from the left and right side, the user wouldnt see a difference (except that his cpu wouldnt explode!!)

any ideas or examples?

Re: Dont load everything Trick!


I am with you on this one...
I know you get what you paid for and in this case I should not complain about a free app but how does anybody uses this viewer for real? I understand if you have a folder with 10 images than maybe you will be OK waiting for them to load but with anything more than that it is absolutely insane to load them all. I tried in a folder with about 60 pictures and there is no way somebody will wait this long.

Any sugestions from anybody?
Is the preload of the images dona in the java code or in the flash code?


Re: Dont load everything Trick!

Autoviewer loads the images sequentially so you can view the first image while the second image is loading.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.