Topic: Does Macromedia's Contribute support Simpleviewer?

Before I wade into the deep end, thought I'd ask if they're compatible. 
Anyone have experience adding the viewer to Contribute?

Re: Does Macromedia's Contribute support Simpleviewer?


I have come to the forum with the same question. So far, I can tell you that I've tried using a trial version of Adobe Contribute with SimpleViewer (I am using the trial version of the latter too). I'll mention that SimpleViewer is installed on my server, and working just fine. When I open the Simpleviewer gallery in Contribute, and click on the "Edit Page" button, the following message appears:

"SimpleViewer requires Macromedia Flash. Get Macromedia Flash. If you have Flash installed, click here to view gallery."

My impression is that this message is generated by the SimpleViewer program when Contribute attempts to create a new draft of the page.

I am not sure how to proceed from here. I may create a "dummy" gallery on my server and mess around a bit more with it and Contribute to see if I can make something work (and thereby avoid having to reload the pics and files for SimpleViewer on my exisiting gallery). But I don't have high hopes. I don't have much expertise with Flash or image gallery software. I was hoping to use Contribute to update all the stuff on my site, including the gallery, versus doing it "manually" by going into the xml files to change captions, etc. I really like to way the Simpleviewer does its thing, but find making additions and changes to it a bit cumbersome. I'd like to recommend it to a family member who needs to present a portfolio on their own small business site, but they are not keen to learn the basic coding skills required to update and add to the gallery themselves (but they want to be able to add pics without having to call me up all the time!)