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hi to all,

i'm Andrea, from italy. sorry for my bad english.
I would know if is it possible give an hyperlink to the images showed with simpleviewer. i would utilize the program to do an index for my website.

thanks for your attention!


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I also have the same question.

I wish for example to build a portfolio gallery and when a user click an image, I wish to send him to the website the image refers.

  I wondering if it is possible to do? I have the pro version.

Re: images and hyperlinks

The simplest way to add a link for each image is to add a link in the caption text. Add something like this to your caption tag in the gallery XML:

<caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<A href="http&#58;//">
<U>Go to yahoo</U></A>&#93;&#93;></caption> 
Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: images and hyperlinks

here is a super easy way to add each caption open image in new window.
example: … e92007.htm

Each caption line looked as such

Step 1: Copy gallery.xml and save it as gallery.xml.bak just in case you screwup.

Step 2: Now in notepad go edit/replace

Step 3: Put Find What: as    <caption>

Step 4: Now replace with as : <caption><![CDATA[<A href="images/

Step 5: press Replace all, notepad will automatically replace every single instance of <caption> with <caption><![CDATA[<A href="images/

Step 6: Go back to edit/replace and put </caption> in Find What:

Step 7: In Replace As:  " target="_blank"><U>Open image in new window</U></A>]]></caption>

The captions should now be

<caption><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<A href="images/img_8980.jpg" target="_blank"><U><font color="red">Open image in new window</font color></U></A>&#93;&#93;></caption> 

Feel free to change Open image in new window with whatever you want.
Download Photo! works just as well. You can bold this if you want with <b> </b> tags.

If you want to have download "image_XXX_" or a different tag you will have to enter each one manually, i would just copy and paste it from the line above.

Re: images and hyperlinks


I'm looking for the anser to this same question. How do I link a thumnail to another gallery. I have several photo galleries that I want to link to. I'm using a simpleviewer thumnail for each gallery. Right now I have the caption linking to the gallery and the rollover image set to "0". So all I see are the thumnails and the caption. Going down to click on the caption after rolling over and clicking on the images is disconcerting. I really would like to link the images. Does anyone know if this has or can be done?