Topic: lots of images possible

If lots of images are used in one postcardviewer-gallery, all the thumbs which don't fit on the screen are not shown/clickable. I tried it with 80 photo's: during loading the screen stays mostly black because the first loaded thumbs aer placed in an area above the viewable area.

Is it possible to create the possibility to have lots of images like this for exaple:
- with clickable/scrollable arrows to scroll through gallery and see images above/below viewable area or another userfriendly mechanism to support multiple pages
- fix loading mechanism so that screen doesn't stay black but always show new thumbs appearing even if the amount of pictures are so big that multiple pages are needed.

Re: lots of images possible

This is what I was looking for. I would like to specify a limit on the number of rows (can already specify columns). When the number of my pics exceed the the columns x rows value, I'd like a new page generated. Then I'd like navigation arrow available to go to the next page.

I guess I am envisioning it to be similar to simpleviewer's thumbnails. But instead of positioning the thumbnails on the page, I'd like it right in the middle. And the images would be bigger - either by specifying height/width, automatically making the sizes to fit the screen or a portion of the screen, or whatever. Right now I'm using the size defaults and I'm fine with them. So the fine details on the size isn't a big issue for me but maybe for others.

Bottom line, I'd like to see simpleviewer and postcardviewer marry! If you can throw in the tilt feature and card flipping from tilt viewer, then we'd have it all!! I really liked the card flipping feature. That was pretty slick.