Topic: How Can I make caption BOLD ONLY?


I tryed step 14 on the FAQ but I have no luck so far. I would like to have the caption text bold ONLY, no links. Thanks!

14: I want to add HTML formatting to my captions. How can I do this?
Caption text can include HTML formatting, including hyperlinks, line breaks, font tags, bold, underline and italics. You must wrap HTML formatted text inside a CDATA tag as below:

<CAPTION><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<font face="Times" size="20">Big times text
</font><b>bold text</b><u><a href="index.html">link text</a>
</u><br>New line of text&#93;&#93;></CAPTION>

Re: How Can I make caption BOLD ONLY?

Hi Maxis,

You need to remove the link, like this:

<CAPTION><!&#91;CDATA&#91;<font face="Times" size="20">Big times text
</font><b>bold text</b><br>New line of text&#93;&#93;></CAPTION>

Hope that helps...