Topic: Modifying the Nav Buttons

Hi Guys,
I was wondering if there was a way to take the already existing nav buttons and modify them.  Really all I want to do is round the corners, and I figured if I simply added a stroke to the objects it would do it.  However I can't seem to actually add a stroke to the buttons.  I really have no idea why I can't stroke the object, I've tried turning it into the 3 different symbol types as well.  Any help on this matter would be fantastic.  Thanks.


Re: Modifying the Nav Buttons

I modified the arrows in mine by going into the library for each and changing the look. If you are in flash you will open the library and then  you can double click on ThumbNextButton and ThumbBackButton.

Now if you are needed to change the color of the button you will need to do that in the file. It is well commented in that file so you should be able to see where you can change the color of the arrows and also you can set the alpha I think?

Anyway, hope that helps


Re: Modifying the Nav Buttons

Thanks Matthew.