Topic: embed images in swf.

Hello. I would like to use simpleviewer to create a portfolio that has all the images embedded into the swf, instead of having an "image" directory. is this possible? any other ideas on how to accomplish this?

Re: embed images in swf.

Hmmm... Not sure what the advantage to embedding the images into the swf are. IF you do this the SWF will be really large and slow to load. Theoretically you could do this by purchasing and modifying SV-PRO.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: embed images in swf.

Hey Felix, thanks for the reply. I know the swf will be large, but I don't mind. The idea is that whoever's interested can download a portfolio from my website and it will be only one file, people can double click, open the file, pretty simple, instead of opening the html file and have the other directories and files around. Also, this way people will not be able to see and manipulate the image files one by one, they will be part of the swf. Again, what i want is a group of images, available through one file only, which can be downloaded from the website or I can distribute in cds. I already bought svpro. Thanks.