Topic: Going crazy with Flash Detect madness


Simple Viewer is awesome. I used to design my own bespoke galleries for sites but nothing I can do mtches the quality. SO thank you.

However, A very strange problem has occured at a time when I really need to make lots of galleries very fast (things always seem to muck up at the worst times!)

Here goes:
I make the gallery 1 using buildgallery.php - it works great, shows up hw I want etc.

I then download the made version to my hard drive, copy the folder, rename it, add my new photos for the next gallery, upload, apply buildgallery.php - and test:

I get the message which is now driving me mad: Simple View requires flash! Well - I have flash clearly since it worked for the other one. I test it locally, and it works - upload to server, it doesn;t work.

So as an experiment I start again. Freshly downloaded version of simpleviewer.... test locally with the sample photo, it works fine. Upload it, works fine. Add my own photos and it then, hey presto: Simpleviewer requires flash! What the hell is going on? Why is this happening!!!!??? Somebody help!


Re: Going crazy with Flash Detect madness

If you see the 'Simpleviewer requires flash' message it usually means the 'swfobject.js' file is missing from the gallery folder. Make sure that file was uploaded.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.