Topic: iphoto exporter does not work

I just bought a new macbook pro, the same laptop I had before and now iphoto exporter won't work.  I keep downloading it but I can't figure out where to put it.  The folder indicated on the web instructions doesn't exist.  Please help, I love simpleviewer, just upgraded to pro and I have become totally dependent on it to show clients work...

Re: iphoto exporter does not work

SimpleViewer iPhoto Export only supports SimpleViewer v1.7. If you want to use it with SimpleViewer v1.8, you will need to go into the generated gallery folder and change the 'imagedata.xml' filename to 'gallery.xml', then replace the 'viewer.swf' file with the new v1.8 one.

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: iphoto exporter does not work

Thank you so much for your response, I guess I didn't properly describe the issue, please bear with me and let me try again.

When I download iphoto exporter, it somehow can see my iphoto library, the tab next to iphoto is blank and I can't make it see my albums.  I'm working on all of this with the same simpleviewer 1.7.  What can I do?

Re: iphoto exporter does not work

I am excited to integrate this into my site although I am unable to get the plugin to function.

The install directory indicated on the support page does not exist for me.

" ~/Library/Application Support/iPhoto/Plugins"

I am on 10.5.1 with iPhoto 6.0.6

I created the directory suggested and dropped in the plugin but it did not appear in iPhoto.  I opened the package contents of the iPhoto application and dropped the plugin inside.  It did finally appear in the export menu as pictured on the site, but crashed iPhoto upon export every time. 

Any advice is appreciated!