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I've created a web gallery using Autoviewer and it works fine when previewed in Lightroom but when I load the .swf file into Dreamweaver CS3 it won't work.

Not sure what I'm doing wrong and need advice please.

Re: Autoviewer not showing

Good afternoon

I think I've a similar problem : autoviewer doesn't run here.

-> I use dreamveawer4 to run my website
-> my pics are "not progressives"
-> the fisrt time I wanted to use simpleviewer I had to mix an old and a new version to make it run (I still use this "mix")

May somebody help me ?

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I'm sorry : I didn't write the "gallery" correctly. I've all controled, and it's OK.  :oops:

But now I've an other problem : could somebody explain me why all my pictures show in superimpression on the left of the page ?

I would show you an example but I can't uploade any picture.  :cry:

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You can see a sample here (the space is a dot) :

img337 imageshack us/img337/908/autoviewerzr2 jpg

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If you want to see it yourself :

www   volim   fr/Reportages/BA105/Meeting_part_I/index   html

Re: Autoviewer not showing

Solved : autoviewer gallery hates spaces !  :twisted: