Topic: adding multiple autoviewer files into one folder

i need help with something. I got the autoviewer and edited as instructed the relevant things to have my images in there. Now the thing is i have multiple albulms for which i would like to have one autoviewer per albulm. If i try to put that onto my website, having the images onto different folders. The .swf. , .js and the .html (with the album name.html) onto the same main folder, then put the gallery.xml file into the album folder. Obviously it would tell me that there is an error and that the link does not match.  :rolleyes:

What do i need to change to have the same files for a different album name?  :shock:

Basically do make it easier. The website is for the snowsports club at my uni.  Heres the folders i have as an example:

The main folder contains:
photo gallery/easter 2006/image 1
photo gallery/easter 2006/image 2 etc etc
photo gallery/xmas 2006/image 1 etc etc

What could i do to have the same type of autoviewer for another album such as the xmas 2006 one?   :oops: Sorry but im quite the begginner at flash and xml doing  :oops: 


Re: adding multiple autoviewer files into one folder

Easiest way is to have 1 copy of the autoviewer folder per gallery. Check the SimpleViewer FAQ, Q16 for an example: … r/faq.html

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.