Topic: Installation and setup questions

Hi, I have downloaded simpleviewer 1.8, copied my images to the images folder, created a thumb folder and had my thumbs put there by an image program called ACDsee. Thumbs are names exactly the same as the images. My xml file automatically imported the names just fine. I do not see any options to save with or without progressive in ACDSee. SO when I test locally all the thumbs are X's. What am I doing wrong? DO I need to put the path to the images and thumbs in the XML file?

Also have a question about where the files and folders go when uploaded. I currently have them all in a folder called simpleviewer. So if I move the html and xml files to the root with the other html files how will it know where to find the images and thumbs?

THanks for your help.


Re: Installation and setup questions

You might be right about the progressive images, I had the same thing happen with my galleries coming up as X's and that's what the problem was.  If you have Photoshop you can save them as non progressive.  As to the rest of your question, here's how I've been doing it:

I create my galleries using Picasa, then create a folder for each gallery on my server.  I upload the images folder, thumbs folder and gallery.xml to that folder.  The viewer.swf and swobject.js are uploaded to my root folder.  If you use this method, you have to change the thumbs path & images path in the gallery xml file and th xml datapath in your index.html (or whatever you haved renamed that file to.)  I'm not sure that this is the correct way to do it, but it's working fine for me.  I've updated about 30 of my galleries so far without a problem.

Hope this helps!