Topic: Some links in header won't work

Hi, I'm new to the forum and Simpleviewer and hope someone can help me.

Using Simpleviewer basic, I created multiple galleries in their own pages with a header containing links to other pages on my website. You know, the usual links...Home, Weddings, Family, About Us, Prices, Links, etc. I used Photoshop CS3 to build the galleries and Dreamweaver CS3 to create the web pages.

When I open the pages that contain the Simpleviewer galleries, the links in the header that should open other html pages do not work. Specifically, when I click on the Home, Prices, About Us and Links hyperlinks, nothing happens. I've verified that the paths to the desired html pages are correct. The links to other html pages that contain a gallery all work. I can navigate to all other pages that display a gallery, just not the other pages. The "contact" link successfully launches the email program on all pages.

When I open the html pages that do not contain a Simpleviewer gallery (like my homepage or Prices.html), all links in the header successfully work. I can navigate to the other html pages and to each page that contains a gallery. Once I open a page that contains a gallery, however, the links to home, prices, etc do not work. I've made sure to clear the brower cache files and save but nothing works.

Can anyone help?