Topic: Weird Firefox and IE7 caption anomaly

Check it out:

Visit any of the galleries. In Safari 3 and FF 2.009 on the Mac, the captions, while cramped, have the same font as much of the rest of the site, such as the site's title banner "melina hammer photography" -- the thin, upright round font.

On the PC, however, in FF 2.0013 and IE7, the font is showing up incorrectly as Times or something similar.

How do I fix this? The font itself is fairly obscure.

edit: do I have to have the font installed on my machine to view it properly? It just occurred to me that I might not have it on my PC, and as a consequence it is not showing up... which means no one else will be seeing it either   :(

Re: Weird Firefox and IE7 caption anomaly

If you want to use a non-standard font, you should embed the font in the text field. Select the text field in the Caption symbol and embed a font via the text properties panel (check Flash documentation).

Felix Turner
SimpleViewer Support Team.

Re: Weird Firefox and IE7 caption anomaly

Thanks -- got it fixed perfectly! Now I just need to figure out the letter spacing issue...